Classified Acts

Classified Acts is designed to inform and inspire the congregation to new levels of caring for, and sharing with, one another, as was the Spirit-inspired custom of the early church as described in the book of Acts. Postings in Classified Acts are opportunities for service and caring, meeting real needs in the fellowship and in the Bay Area community.

This site is open to the public - anyone is free to view the Classified Acts postings. If you would like to post a message, please use the "Submit Request" link below for the appropriate category. Your request will be reviewed by a moderator, and ALCF reserves the right to edit or exclude postings to ensure that they fit within the description of the approved categories. This is a non-commercial service, so most business advertising is not allowed, such as the selling of services or products. Exceptions are made for job opportunities and housing.

If you are ready to browse the current Classified Acts postings, click on a category below.

Community Activities/Events

This category allows those in the ALCF community to announce events that may be of general interest, including activities at other churches, community activities, or open recreational activities. These events are not sponsored or endorsed by ALCF unless it is specifically indicated. Community events must be open to the public and be of broad interest to the members of ALCF.

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Community Service Volunteers

ALCF supports the work of community organizations that participate in meeting the needs of our community. Requests for volunteers or donations to community organizations must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate department elder or designated staff person. ALCF will only approve postings for organizations that are familiar to ALCF, with current involvement from ALCF members, and which have organizational goals and methods that ALCF is able to endorse.

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Free Goods and Services

If you feel led to share from your own abundance, feel free to offer your donation of goods or services through Classified Acts. Free goods must be useful items in very good condition or excellent condition. Free services must be offered without expectation of payment or in-kind trade. Note that ALCF cannot control who may respond to your offer, so please exercise loving discretion and wisdom in responding to inquiries.

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Housing/Rooms and Roommates

If you are looking for temporary or permanent housing, perhaps someone in our congregation knows about an opportunity that may fit your need. Note that ALCF cannot control who may respond to your request, so please exercise loving discretion and wisdom in considering any housing recommendation or offer. Listings for housing that is available are also welcome.This category includes listings for those who are looking for roommates or who have rooms to rent.

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Jobs/Career Network

This category serves as a resource for those who have employment openings, employment needs, or have general employment related posts.

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This category contains postings that don't fit in any of the other categories (subject to approval).

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